Red - Water Spot Remover
Jet Renu “Red” is a specialty water spot remover that aggressively removes hard water spots. 'Red" is ideal for those baked on water spots left behind from lake water, sprinkles, ocean water or any other hard water that has dried to the surface. Not made for anodized components but safe on gel and clear coats. Just Spray on, agitate with a sponge, rinse off. Environmentally safe, non-toxic, biodegradable.  Available Sizes: 16oz., 32oz., 1 Gallon

“Dri Wash” is one of Jet Renu's must have products. Dri Wash quickly and effectively removes dirt and grime from any surface by lifting away the contaminates with its powerful foaming action. Dri Wash not only works great to clean most surfaces without the use of water but it also leaves behind a protective coating and brilliant shine. Environmentally friendly and simple to use, just Spray on Wipe off, cleans, polishes & protects against UV Rays as well as it smells great. When used with a towel Dri Wash will not scratch the surface. Available in 12oz. can


The Universal Product Line That Never Goes Out Of Style!

Protector -Vinyl, Plastic Guard & Protectant
Jet Renu “Protector” is a universal product fortified with UV Protectors, specialty silicones and oils which protect your vinyl, plastic, tires, gel coats, dashboards, seats, rubber hoses and stainless steel. "Protector" protects many materials from cracking and fading while restoring moisture and oils to the areas needing some help with little effort. spray on, allow to absorb & wipe off. Non--toxic and biodegradable.  Available Sizes: 16oz., 32oz., 1 Gallon.


Jet Renu “Green” All Purpose Cleaner was formulated to cut through those tough grime stains on many different types of surfaces and materials. “Green” works safely on vinyl seats, upholstery, carpet, tires and any scuff marks. “Green” also removes exhaust residue on your painted surface. Our all-purpose cleaner is like no other product. “Green” powers through built up dirt and grime with a pleasant lemon scent. Just spray on, wipe off, environmentally safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.  Available Sizes: 16oz., 32oz., 1 Gallon

Pink Plus - Shine + Water-spot Remover
Jet Renu “Pink +” has all the benefits of the original formula “Pink” but includes a special formula of “Red” which is Jet Renu’s specialty water spot remover. “Pink Plus” our number one seller acts as a 2 in 1 product effectively, eliminating fresh hard water deposits, leaving a high gloss and just waxed finish. The use of “Pink Plus” protects, cleans in one application and reduces the need for water spot remover by removing hard water deposits is most effective in early stages. Easy as spray on, wipe off, environmentally safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.  Available Sizes: 16oz., 32oz., 1 Gallon

Anti Fog
Jet Renu “Anti Fog” helps protect boats, motorcycle windshields, helmet face visors, all goggles wet or dry, diving masks, sunglasses and any other surfaces subject to fog. Effective, fast and easy to apply leaving a crystal-clear surface. The more you apply, the better the surface is protected which means better clarity for your vision.  Available in 4oz. bottle

As the exclusive Jet Renu distributor for Arizona & Nevada, KMG Racing, LLC is proud to bring you these exciting  products for your Auto, Boat, Off Road PWC and More!

Jet Renu is a division of Renu Chem Inc. Jet Renu was created specifically for the Watercraft and Motorsports industry.  We pride ourselves in providing premium quality appearance products and accessories. We offer over 26 years of experience with product research and development as well as an advanced background in appearance reconditioning, sales and customer service.

Renu Shield
Our “Shield Renu” is a protective coating made up of a special blend of silicones with fast-drying surfactants which makes the treatment of surfaces fast & easy. This product has a superfine mist that coats all surfaces evenly without sticky build-up or residue. Renu Shield Protects & conditions, vinyl, plastics, leather, rubber, metal, engine components and even wood surfaces. Spray on, wipe off, perfect for hard to reach areas while making plastic look new again with a high gloss shine. Available in 12oz. can

Pink - Quick Shine
Jet Renu “Pink” is the ultimate spray and shine wax. Quick and easy, spray on, wipe off application will bring out the beauty of any surface while giving it that just waxed look and feel. “Pink” works excellent on wet or dry surfaces. Pink Quick Shine enhances color, provides shine, gloss, protects from start to finish, non-toxic and biodegradable.                                         
Available Sizes: 16oz., 32oz., 1 Gallon

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Jet Renu “Yellow” Degreaser out performs any commercial degreaser style cleaner on the market. “Yellow” is made with specialty surfactants and alkaline builders that won’t harm your engine’s metal components. Works great in solvent tanks to rapidly cut through heavy oil and grease with ease. Also, may be used on wheels, rims, inboard/outboard motors, it’s as easy as spray on / spray off. Environmentally safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. Available Sizes: 16oz., 1 Gallon

Blue- Plastic Polish
Jet Renu “Blue” Plastic Polish was developed for all plastic, acrylic, fiberglass, and any painted surface. Blue is ideal for plastic, excellent for minor scratch removal, protects instrument gages, plastic windshields, penetrates and protects against UV sun rays. Just apply and wipe off, non-toxic and biodegradable.
  Available in 8oz. bottles

Metal Renu – Fine Metal Polish
“Metal Renu” was specially developed for aluminum and magnesium components. Metal Renu cleans, polishes and protects in one easy step without any harsh abrasives. Use Metal Renu when your surface is dull, oxidized, acid or salt stained, rusted, neglected or in need of some serious help to bring back the original luster. Available Sizes: 16oz.

Clear - Glass Cleaner
Jet Renu “Clear” is a ready to use product, quick acting, non-streaking cleaner that not only cleans glass, but is also effective on chrome, mirrors, plastic, porcelain, ceramic and metal which maintains, protects and enhances shine and visibility while leaving no streaks behind. “Clear” is made using specialty surfactants as this product does not contain ammonia. Just spray on, wipe off, environmentally safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. Available Sizes: 16oz.

p. 949.226.3644

Stank Away – Wetsuit/ Neoprene/ Life Vest cleaner
Jet Renu’s “Stank Away” cleans and conditions all neoprene such as wet suits, dry suits, boots, gloves, -fishing waders, life vests, sandals, Fire & Safety Gear and Sports Gear. This is an all-around cleaner & conditioner that leaves your clothing free of organic waste and salt residue. Available Sizes: 16oz.


Jet Renu “Purple” Wash and Wax is the ultimate high foaming premium soap which is fortified with 100% Brazilian Carnauba Wax. “Purple” cleans deep down into the gel coat and painted surface, lifts away caked on dirt and grime while leaving behind a high gloss shine and a protective barrier from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Our super concentrated formula is pH balanced, biodegradable and non-toxic.  Available Sizes: 16oz., 1 Gallon


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